Something I pulled off of The King of the Mat Tournament being held June 20th would be a perfect qualifier.

All Star Duals and Open (18+) Wrestling Championships
by sachristiancoach on Mon Mar 30, 2009 5:22 pm

We are hoping to get a dual team from the following areas: Houston, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, Pan handle, The Valley, and Austin. We would have a six way round robin tournament. Each team would get 5 matches. The winning team will get a trophy and bragging rights. We used to do this in southern Cal and it was a lot fun and a goal to make your local summer all star team. I am trying to start this out here. We will do this dirt cheep $5 a boy and I will contact a local hotel to get a block room rate. If some one would like to take charge of each region, let me know. If the dates dont work let me know, we can be flexible. I will be in charge of the san antonio region so if you want to wrestle on the SA team let me know. (if we get a lot of interest we will have a qualifier) The weight Classes will be high School weights +3

On the same day we will run a Open Tournament an unofficial open state tournament. We also have this in California and it is a big success with the old wrestlers and the ones that come home for the summer from their colleges. I will pass the word around to the military bases around here. The weight classes will be college weight classes +3 pounds. If we do not get enough in a weight class we will group the weights together. We will run round robin matches so everybody gets as many matches as possible. You will get 3 points for a win and 0 points for a lose. Most points takes 1st. The cost will be $20. Medals for top 3.

USA Cards are necessary for both events.

Coach Vasquez

Date 27 June
weigh in's: 8
wrestling starts at 9:30
6 mats: 3 for duals 3 for open tournament.