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Other than the San Benito and East losses in 2016, South missed the playoffs by a combined 20 points. They gave the Cards a scare losing 23-16. They should have beat Hanna, but lost 19-16. The Weslaco loss was 20-10. They were in those games and had the ball bounced their way? They would have made the playoffs.

Fast Forward to 2017. They'll have to minimize their TOs and get some stops when they need to. If they can do that they'll put themselves in good position to make the playoffs; possibly be in the mix for the district title.

From what I saw last season, they're going to establish the run....try to lull defenses to sleep, then hit them with play-action passes...nothing fancy...not to say they don't have some wrinkles in their offense.
Their offense looks similar to Gus Malzahan's offense at Auburn.

I can't argue with that assessment.