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    Quote Originally Posted by HHS55 View Post
    Man you drinking the Gomez Kool-aid too? (lol) Harlingen Boys and Girls basketball have some good squads this year. Other sports to watch from HHS is track, Baseball, Softball and soccer hate that fans just think its all about football in Harlingen. Kids in other sports work just as hard in other sports.
    No doubt that football is king in Texas and certainly here in the valley, just look at the size of the crowds of the above mentioned sports.

    But I agree with you in that all these other sport athletes deserve our support as well. Well said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardinal85 View Post
    I don't know why you would hate or allow the notion that some people prefer football over other sports. Harlingen has been producing average to above average teams in regards to the sports you posted (I read the paper and keep a decent tab on them all). Whoever said that football kids work the hardest?
    Itís just the perception not only here in the valley but all over the state. But glad to hear your keeping up! 👍🏼



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