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    Quote Originally Posted by clean-up hitter View Post
    The talent is here, but some need to play JUCO ball,before transferring to UTRGV.
    Why do you think that when they have a 3 time all state 3b that hit well over 500 all three yrs sitting on the bench???? Tres Barrera and Eric Gutierrez didn't go play juco before tech and Texas???

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    It seems as if the new staff is recruiting down here, i've seen a few guys commit to UTRGV recently.

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    Saw a game last week
    There a few valley kids but with over a million
    People in the valley i find it hard to believe they cant find players more players from the valley. They would have better attendance if they did in my opinoin. So my answer is they dont do enough here in the valley actually its pretty sad



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