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    Default Any promising Pitchers coming up?

    Alot of promising Pitchers out there....any opinions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JUSTSAYING View Post
    Alot of promising Pitchers out there....any opinions?
    Who were your promising pitchers you had in mind? I suppose since you posted this under "Sub Varsity" you were talking mainly freshman / sophomores that were coming up..... I think baseball is so watered down in the Valley right now....Any young promising pitchers coming up are more than likely already pitching at the Varsity level except for good programs like Sharyland, PSJA......I can only speak for 30-5A and Sharyland as my son is a freshman playing on the JV Red team and has seen some Varsity action and what I've seen and it's not a pretty sight in our District at the Sub Varsity level...There are no young pitchers at this level in our District except for Sharyland that are coming up.....Sharyland has 2 freshman pitchers that have seen Varsity action and have won their games they have pitched....they also have another freshman that hasn't seen Varsity action at pitcher but has at 2nd base that pitches on JV....the thing at Sharyland they have 2 seniors and 2 juniors that are very good pitchers and now that district has started only 2-3 of those pitchers get any action.....to give you an idea Sharyland JV Red has out scored it's opponents 107-15 in the 10 games they've played....probably half those ended after 3 innings....Sharyland has a 2nd JV team (Grey) and their scores have been more lopsided.....I'm speaking for 30-5A but I have to think the rest of the Valley is the same and I'm only talking Sub Varsity.....there are some good young pitchers coming up but they are already on Varsity at their programs.....Sharyland freshman pitchers to look out for coming up are Alex Venegas, Jorge Maldonado and Lance Madden....although I have not seen him this year Edinburg has a freshman Jaime Alvarado that has always been good and is a freshman.....



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