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  1. I understand, but the right fielder didn't field it cleanly and it went off his glove allowing the runners to advance an extra base.
    Yes Canul has come a very long way and his bumps and bruises from last year have really helped him a lot this year. Good Luck to your boys also.
  2. You know I can't remember those exact plays in my head right now. I was probably in shock of what I was witnessing in our play and how impressed I was with North's hitting that night. Canul has come a long ways also especially from last season I think he lasted a inning or two against us last. He doesn't throw hard at all but his location is perfect. Not sure on the official calls I just know Shary shows no errors on their books. If a ball drops in the outfield and not touched or anything officially that's a hit no matter if misplayed or not. Good luck to North, we know several boys playing and wish them the best.
  3. I'd prefer to message than post.
    The errors for North were an ball hit to the left side of the infield, the pitcher bobbled the ball and did not attempt to throw. I have that marked as an error , and the other was a ball hit in the gap to right center, and the right fielder misplayed the ball letting it get away from him a bit. That was also counted as an error
  4. Can u send me a bracket to jddeleon@gmail.com
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