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  1. Very true bit it doesn't help that the man who brought tyfa to the RGV is part of the arena team that got tyfa parents to go....either way parents were pissed....the even had the d2 champs there and all they did was stand against the wall.....poor kids
  2. HA! HA! It was all set up so that they could get people in the stands, so they tricked TYFA parents into going!!!!! Cuz you know only in the RGV would they fall for some bull shyt like that, I certainly would not spend a dime to see some crap arena ball!!!! ALL PART OF THE MASTER PLAN, GET PEOPLE IN THE STANDS IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MIGHTY DOLLA!!!!
  3. RGV Magic (arena football) had there first home game and it was supposed to tyfa day so they had 2 teams play a flag game during halftime. Well the teams only played 3 downs and were kicked off the field cuz halftime was over. So parents were upset and no one from RGV tyfa wants to take blame. They are blaming the arena team but tyfa is the one who set it up. Also Mr. Lozano is employed by the arena team but of course harlan is the man, so he says
  4. Yes, I'm afraid they are!!!! A black shirt is our Organization President and although he is a real nice man, you can certainly see an EGO too! What is really going on in the RGV with all the TYFA drama? What is Rival talking about besides the incident in Waco?
  5. Are all tyfa reps ego driven like Harlan?
  6. If it's the black boy he's talking about ole' boy needs to put the crack pipe down. That boy had no positive yards when he played the HAWKS!
  7. not really sure but i think it was the one with the snipers
  8. Since Volunteer keeps dodging the question, who's the beast RB that he's referring too?
  9. to funny...
  10. I think so too!!!! He just talking out the side of his neck! LOL

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